Boundless Offline Tile Server (BOTS)

Boundless Offline Tile Server (BOTS) is a purpose built tile server, providing self-contained basemaps efficiently, with zero external dependencies. With BOTS, there are minimal requirements. It doesn’t need internet access, additional databases or runtimes, and it can run natively on Linux, MacOS, and Windows. Simply put, you can have a completely disconnected, global basemap (down to the building level), whenever and wherever you need it.


Three things make BOTS stand out from other tile servers:

It’s fast. BOTS serves tiles quickly by using HTTP2 with server push to predictively sending tiles to a client before they’re needed. It also uses aggressive in-memory caching memory storage of commonly used tiles (Zoom 1-6) + additional configurable LRU.

It’s focused. BOTS provides a lightweight, portable, offline, basemap capability. It serves vector tiles quickly; no rendering, interpretation, or security– just read-only access to open data.

It’s lightweight. BOTS has everything needed for a self-contained, offline basemap –including data and sample apps– in an 11 megabyte binary and a tiny Alpine docker image.

Where does the data come from?

The data provided with Boundless Offline Tile Server comes from OpenStreetMap, Natural Earth, Wikipedia, and other open sources.

If you would like to incorporate custom data, or use other data sources please contact Boundless to learn more.