Boundless Server Enterprise components

Boundless Server Enterprise (BSE) comes with a number of components that add functionality. These are equivalent to the extensions in Boundless Server and GeoServer, except that they are included by default in BSE—you do not need to do anything to install them.

GDAL Image Formats

The GDAL Image Formats component adds the ability for GeoServer to publish data from extra raster data sources, through the use of GDAL. These formats include, but are not limited to DTED, EHdr, AIG, and ENVIHdr.


The GeoPackage component adds the ability for GeoServer to publish data from GeoPackage sources (a data format based on SQLite).

GeoServices REST API

The GeoServices REST API allows limited compatiblity with ArcGIS clients.

For more information, please see the GeoServices REST API section.

JPEG 2000

The JPEG 2000 component adds the ability for GeoServer to publish data from JPEG 2000 sources. This image format utilizes wavelet compression for more efficient storage.

Mapbox Styles

The Mapbox Styles component adds Mapbox styles as a supported styling language for GeoServer.

For more information, see the MBStyle tutorial.

Vector Tiles

The Vector Tiles component adds a number of output formats to GeoServer that deliver geographic data to a browser or other client application in tiles which using a vector representation of the features in the tile. Vector tiles improve the performance of maps fast while offering full client-side design flexibility.

For more information on Vector Tiles, please see the Using the vector tiles output format section.

Web Processing Service

The Web Processing Service (WPS) provides a service where users or client applications can execute spatial processes on arbitrary spatial datasets, including but not limited to any data published by BSE.

For more information, see the Web Processing Service section.