What is Boundless Server Enterprise?

Boundless Server Enterprise (BSE) is a complete web-based geospatial software stack optimized for the cloud, based on GeoServer.

How does it differ from Boundless Server?

The primary difference between Boundless Server Enterprise and Boundless Server is substantial changes to the data catalog:

  • It is no longer stored on disk; it is instead stored in an in-memory data store called Redis.
  • It is no longer XML-based, and is instead stored in a serialization format optimized for Redis.
  • It is no longer stateful; instead of loading the catalog into GeoServer at startup, all data is fetched directly from Redis when it is needed.

This allows BSE to be be scaled across multiple nodes with no local system storage dependencies. Refer to Administration on Boundless Server Enterprise for more details.

BSE supports different extensions than Boundless Server, and all extensions are included by default in BSE.

BSE also includes additional REST endpoints intended for managing some of its unique features.