REST Interface

Boundless Server Enterprise (BSE) provides a REST-based interface for monitoring the application status and interacting with your configuration and data without using the web interface.

All REST endpoints are available under /geoserver/rest/, except for the embedded GeoWebCache REST endpoints which are available under /geoserver/gwc/rest/, and the GSR endpoints which are available under /geoserver/gsr.

The index endpoint provides a listing of all available endpoints, including the actuator and redis endpoints.

GeoServer REST Endpoints

GeoServer, and the embeded GeoWebCache, contribute many endpoints to the BSE REST interface. These endpoints are documented in the REST section of the GeoServer Component Manual.

Catalog Endpoint

In addition to the GeoServer REST Endpoints, BSE provides a catalog endpoint for quick lookup of certain types of catalog information:

Spring Boot Actuator

The Spring Boot Actuator provides REST endpoints for monitoring BSE. Each endpoint can be controlled using the application properties – for more details refer to the Spring reference documentation.

The folowing actuator endpoints are available in BSE:

Redis Endpoints

BSE also provides REST endpoints for interacting with the Redis catalog backend. These are intended primarily for troubleshooting purposes.


Some of these endpoints (redis/exec and redis/terminal) allow you to change the contents of redis. This may corrupt the BSE catalog or configuration. Use these endpoints with extreme caution.

WPS Enpoints

BSE provides a WPS endpoint for querying WPS request status:

GSR Endpoints

The GeoServices REST API allows limited compatiblity with ArcGIS clients. For more details, refer to the GSR documentation.