How to add startup parameters for GeoServer

This section shows how to set the Java options and system properties used during startup.

JVM Options

Java provides various options for configuring the JVM environment. Options can be supplied on the command line, and start with a dash (-).

System properties

GeoServer allows global configuration settings to be provided as Java system properties for use during the startup process. Java system properties can be supplied on the command line using -D and are of one of the following forms:

  • -Dproperty=value
  • -D property=value


You can view existing Java options (system-properties) and environment variables (system-environment) on the GeoServer Detailed Status Page at http://localhost:8080/geoserver/rest/about/status.


If you are using Kubernetes, you can define java options using the command parameter of your container configuration. For example:

  - name: bse
    image: {{ .Values.bse.container.repo }}/{{ .Values.bse.container.image }}:{{ .Values.bse.container.tag }}
    command: ["java",

The command is supplied as a list of values. The first value is the name of the program being run: java. This is followed by any number of Java options, including system properties. Next comes the -jar option, to specify which jar is being run. This is followed by the name of the jar: bse-application-1.1.0-exec.jar (make sure to replace 1.1.0 with the version of Boundless Server Enterprise that you are using). Finally, any number program arguments are listed; in this example there is just one, defining which spring profile to enable.

For more details on configuring your containers, refer to Define a Command and Arguments for a Container.

Other container orchestration systems can be configured similarily.