Installing Boundless Desktop on Mac OS X

This section will describe how to install Boundless Desktop on Mac OS X.


Boundless Desktop can run on any recent hardware/software combination. See Mac system requirements for more details.


On Mac OS, installing Boundless Desktop 1.1.0 will remove any previously installed version. To avoid the removal, before installing Boundless Desktop 1.1.0, you can run the following command in a terminal (you will need administrator permissions).

for pkg in $(pkgutil --pkgs='com\.boundlessgeo\.pkg*'); do sudo pkgutil --volume '/' --forget "${pkg}"; done

If you have accidentally removed a 1.0.x version and want to re-install it without being blocked by a warning that states “a newer version is already installed,” you can also use the same command before installation.


To install Boundless Desktop:

  1. Open the provided DMG archive. There will be a single BoundlessDesktop-1.1.1.pkg


    Boundless Desktop package

  2. Double-click the installer package to launch the installer.

  3. At the Welcome screen, click Continue.


    Welcome screen

  4. Read the Read Me and then click Continue.


    Read me file

  5. Read the License Agreement and click Continue.


    License agreement screen

  6. When prompted about the license agreement, click Agree to continue the installation.


    License agreement confirmation

  7. In the Installation type dialog check the components you would like to install and click Continue.


    Installation Type screen

  8. You are ready to install the software. Click Install to start the installation.


    Installation Type screen

  9. When prompted, enter your username and password. Click Install Software to continue.


    Insert your administrator username and password

  10. Please wait while the installation proceeds.



  11. After installation, click Close.


    Boundless Desktop successfully installed

After a successful install, Boundless Desktop components, such as QGIS, can be run from shortcuts in the Applications Folder (see Quick start guide for more information).