Boundless plugins for QGISΒΆ

QGIS for Boundless Desktop includes all the core plugins of a standard QGIS installation, plus Boundless Connect plugin, Master Password Helper C++ plugin, OAuth2 authentication C++ plugin, and Support tool plugin.

The following list comprises the currently available Boundless plugins for QGIS:

  • Boundless Connect Plugin Updated

    Core plugin shipped with Boundless Desktop that acts as a single entry point to Boundless technology and content for QGIS. The plugin provides Boundless Desktop integration with Boundless Connect Portal, making it easier access online resources like training materials, documentation, lessons, basemaps, data, etc. The plugin can also be used to install other Boundless plugins for QGIS.

    (See Boundless Connect plugin Documentation for details)

  • Geoserver Explorer Updated

    Plugin for configuring GeoServer through QGIS. It allows you to easily set up your GeoServer instance, from preparing data and styling to publishing directly to a catalog, all through the QGIS interface.

    (See Geoserver Explorer Documentation for details)

  • Image Discovery NEW

    Plugin for allowing you to efficiently search, browse, preview and download imagery from imagery provider’s catalogs in QGIS.

    (See Image Discovery Documentation for details)

  • Lessons Updated

    Plugin for creating and following step-by-step lessons and tutorials within QGIS.

    (See Lessons Plugin Documentation for details)

  • Master Password Helper NEW

    Core C++ plugin shipped with Boundless Desktop that allows you to store and synchronize QGIS’s master password in the user’s operating system’s Wallet/keyChain/Password Manager. Using this plugin, you no longer need to repeatedly type the master password inside QGIS, as the system stores it and uses it whenever is required.

    (See Master Password helper for details)

  • MGRS Tools

    A plugin that enables you to work with the Military Grid Reference System (MGRS) coordinates in QGIS.

    (See MGRS Tools Documentation for details)

  • OAuth2 Plugin

    Core C++ plugin shipped with Boundless Desktop for allowing you to use OAuth2 authentication method to access online/remote resources. Different grant flows are available.

  • Support Tool NEW

    Core plugin shipped with Boundless Desktop for collecting information from the user’s QGIS installation and operating system to help in debugging issues. The information can be saved as a file or copied to the clipboard.

    (See Support Tool Documentation for details)

  • Terrain Analysis NEW

    Plugin for facilitating the access to several raster analysis tools: Slope, Hillshade, Clip, Aspect, Viewshed, and Profile.

    (See Terrain Analysis Documentation for details)

  • Web App Builder Updated

    A plugin that allows the easy creation of web applications based on layers, map compositions and bookmarks, as configured within a QGIS project. The resulting web applications can also include additional web services, various controls, and other interactivity.

    (See Web App Builder Documentation for details)