Quick start guide


After installation, a Boundless Desktop shortcut is added for easy access to all the installed tools. Double-click the icon to open the shortcuts folder. Then, double-click any of the icons to launch the respective tools.


Boundless desktop shortcut and folder in windows

The same shortcuts are also added to the start menu in a group called Boundless Desktop 1.1. Click on any of the tools’ icons or names to launch it.


Boundless Desktop shortcuts group in the windows start menu

There is also an Uninstall shortcut to easily remove Boundless Desktop from your computer. Please see Uninstalling Boundless Desktop for more information about uninstalling procedures.


Users should not ‘pin’ the launched apps to the Windows taskbar because the pinned icons will not launch the apps correctly next time.

Mac OS X

After installation, you will find a Boundless icon in the Applications folder.


Boundless icon in Mac OS X Applications folder

Double-clicking the Boundless icon will lead you to a folder with a Desktop 1.1 icon. Double-clicking it will open the Boundless Desktop’s shortcuts folder. In it, double-click any of the icons to launch the respective tool.


Boundless desktop shortcuts folder in Mac OS X

In both Windows and Mac, there’s a handy Licenses shortcut to access the licenses for each individual tool. Please make sure to consult those licenses, including Boundless EULA for Boundless desktop.

There is also a link to Boundless Desktop’s README file, that provide valuable information about it.

For more information on how to use each tool, please see the Boundless Desktop components section.