What is Boundless Desktop?ΒΆ

Boundless Desktop is a fully supported software package prepared by Boundless and available for Windows and Mac OS X platforms. It’s composed of open source geospatial client-side tools and is capable of addressing the most demanding desktop GIS users needs, including spatial analysis, data management, cartography and web publishing.

Boundless Desktop 1.1 is composed of the following set of open source tools:

(See Boundless Desktop components section for more details on each component)

Boundless Desktop is also enhanced by a set of Boundless-supported plugins for QGIS, those are aimed at improving QGIS functionality, but also a better integration with the other two Boundless Products: Boundless Suite and Boundless Exchange. (See more in Boundless plugins for QGIS)


Boundless Desktop ecosystem

The central element of our QGIS installation is the Boundless connect plugin, which acts as a single entry point to Boundless technology and content for QGIS. This provides access to Boundless Connect content, which currently includes Boundless-supported plugins, basemaps, and knowledge-based content, like documentation, tutorials and lessons for lessons plugins.

Boundless Desktop is not composed solely of zeros and ones! It also comes with the deep technical knowledge and immediate readiness of Boundless experts. From product maintenance and day-to-day online support, whatever are your needs, there is a Boundless support plan suited for you (see more about it in the Boundless Connect page).