User Account Management

Log in to your account

Exchange can be configured in several different ways, depending on the needs of your company. This means there are a few different methods for logging in to your Exchange instance.

Username and password

Once your account has been created by your Exchange administrator, you’ll simply use that username and password, and click the Log In button.

You can also login using your Boundless Connect account. (For more information on Boundless Connect, please visit the website, If you have registered an account with Connect, simply click the Log In with Connect button, and enter your email and password information when prompted.


Authentication services

Exchange can be configured to use an authentication method similar to how your email username and password can be used for multiple applications. It uses a token-based authentication and authorization tool, which allows your account to be used by outside application, without exposing your password. These tokens are then issued to the applications, and tell the authentication server which users on the apps have access to Exchange.

Currently, Exchange can support Auth0, Facebook, Google, GeoAxis and Azure logins. The example below uses Boundless Connect.

  1. Enter your email and password in the appropriate boxes.
  2. Select Log In.

If you have forgotten your password, select the link, and follow the instructions to reset your password.


Managing your profile

Your profile in Exchange is where you can add your points of contact, interests, and other related content you may want to publish. This is how other users will find you, and view your work.

To adjust your profile settings complete the following steps:

  1. Click on your user name in the top right of the screen. Select Profile from the drop-down menu to enter the Profile Settings page. This will display your current profile settings.

  2. To modify your profile, select the Edit Profile link.

  3. On this page, you can update your information, including your avatar. It is important to include (at a minimum) your First name, Last name and Email address.

  4. When finished, select the Update Profile button.

Viewing other user accounts

Once your account is created in Exchange, you will be able to view other user accounts on the system. This will let you see who else may be interested in the projects you are working on, or help you find additional data through collaboration.

  1. Select the About link on the Exchange toolbar, and click People in the drop-down menu. You will see a list of thumbnails for all users registered on this system. Avatar images will display if the user has provided one.
  1. Click on an individual username to see their contact information, and any resources owned by the user. Any layers, maps or documents they have added to Exchange will be listed under Resources.

  2. You can also click on the User Activities link to see the chronological list of that user’s activities.