All of the content added to Exchange can be filtered to help you better manage the data. Similar to data set categories, filters can be configured by an Exchange administrator to include additional, site specific options. Listed below are several options to refine your search results.

  • Filter by Text - Filters results using basic search terms. Type your search terms in the text box, and select your results from the displayed list. Multiple terms can be used, separated by ‘and’ or ‘or’.
  • Filter by Category - When content is added to Exchange, the user will select a category that best represents what is being added. This is reflected in the Categories panel, and allows other users to refine their search by looking for content belonging to that particular category. Your content can be added to the categories created in your settings:

This is an example of what the categories will look like. They will correspond with the available datasets from the homepage, but may differ among Exchange instances.

When filtering, select on a category to limit the results list to the content tagged with that category title. Selecting another available category expands your results to include those layers in the results list. Click on the category a second time to remove it from the layer results list. Active filters will display in blue.

  • Filter by Type - You can filter by the type of content added to Exchange.
  • Filter by Host - Select registry layers and remote services based on where the data is hosted. This may be useful if you are looking for data from a specific organization.
  • Filter by Keywords - If a user has associated keywords to the layer in the metadata, you can filter layers by those terms. Select on a keyword to limit results to those layers with associated keywords.
  • Filter by Owner - You can select data based on the owner of the product. This may be useful if you are trying to quickly find products created by individuals on a joint project.
  • Filter by Date - This will limit the list of products by a date range. In the Date panel, select the start date and the end date for the date range. The list will update to reflect those layers, documents or maps created within that timeframe.

To find layers which have been Time Enabled, select the Yes checkbox to eliminate layers from your search that do not have time enabled attributes.

  • Filter by Extent - Zoom in and out to find products pertaining only to the extent displayed on the map.