Browse Documents

Finding documents that other Exchange users have added is quick and easy. As long as you have the proper permissions, you are able to view, download and edit any document you see in Exchange.

  1. Select the Data link on the Exchange toolbar, and click Documents in the drop-down menu.

As you learned in the Discovering Content section, you can filter the document results to find the type of documents you need.

  1. Click on the title of the document you want to view. This will open the document’s information page.

From here, you can view or download the metadata, edit, change permissions or download the document. You will also be able to view or add ratings and comments to the document.

  1. Click the Ratings tab, and select a star rating for the document. The more stars, the better the rating.
  1. Select the Comments tab to provide any feedback regarding the document. Click the Add Comment button, and type your comments in the text box. Click the Submit Comment button when you are finished.