Manage Metadata and Layers

Each layer’s information page allows you to view the information that makes up the layer. Exchange allows you to edit metadata pertaining to a layer that you have uploaded, as well as any layers you are given permissions to access by other users.

Edit metadata

Metadata is information about the layer, such as the owner, title, purpose or restrictions on a layer. You can include as much information about the layer as you feel is important; the more you can tell other users about your layer, the better. If you have questions about what to put in a field, hover your mouse over the area. An information balloon will explain what is required.

  1. Click the Edit Layer button, and select the Edit button under Metadata. The Edit Metadata page will display.
  1. Edit the information fields to include anything pertinent to the layer. Note: Once you begin to edit the metadata, the Category field becomes mandatory, and you must select at least one.
  2. Click the Update button at either the top or bottom of the page to save your changes.

Create a custom thumbnail

Custom images related to your map can be created, and will display next to the map on the Explore Maps page.

  1. From the layer’s info page, click the Edit Layer button.
  1. Click the Set from file button to browse to the image.
  1. Browse to the image you’d like to use. Once added, the new image will display.

Set permissions

The social design of Exchange allows users to coordinate on projects by sharing access to the same layers and maps; however there may be instances when you want to limit who has what access to your layers. In Exchange, you can establish permissions for who can view, edit, and manage layers. Permissions can also be set for editing styles and metadata.

By default, when a layer is uploaded, the permissions are set so that only the person who uploaded the layer has permission to make changes. If you want other people to edit the layer, its styles or metadata, you must change the permissions to allow it.

  1. Click the Change Layer Permissions button.
  1. Under the Who can view it and Who can download it sections, add the name(s) of registered users or groups. This will ensure anonymous view access is disabled, and only those users specified are able to see your layers. You can also leave the checkbox checked to allow all users access to the layer.
  1. You can make the same changes for who can edit, change metadata, styles and who can manage the data. Add the names of users or groups who have permission to edit the layer. Click the Apply Changes button when you are finished.

Replace a layer

Replacing a layer allows you to upload a new layer, taking the place of the current layer.

  1. Click the Edit Layer button, and select the Replace button.
  1. Follow the instructions to upload a new layer.

Remove a layer

Removing a layer will delete it completely from Boundless Exchange.

  1. Click the Edit Layer button, and select Remove.
  2. Verify your selection by clicking the Yes, I am sure button.