Layer Information

Each layer has an information page associated to it, which has several options for managing the layer’s data. Information is available for the following:

  • Info – Displays general information about the layer
  • Attributes - Lists the features in a layer, and the nonspatial information about the feature
  • Ratings – Based on the ratings of other users
  • Comments – Any comments on the layer from users
  • Legend – Maps using this layer – What other maps within Exchange are using the layer
  • Permissions – How others can see or modify this layer
  • Styles – What styles are associated to the layer
  • About – Provides information on the owner, Point of Contact and Metadata Author
  • Maps using this layer – Indicates which maps are using this layer
  1. To access Layer Information, click the Data link on the Exchange toolbar, and select Layers from the drop-down menu. This will open the Explore Layers page. Here you will see a list of all of the available layers. Each layer has a thumbnail image, as well as the title, author, and any associated keywords.
  2. Click the View Details link below the layer you want to access.

The information page for the layer will open.


Using the map features

Within the layer details page, there are some map features that will help you view the layer more in depth.

Zoom - Select the Zoom In or Zoom Out button to zoom to a specific location. Depending on the basemap, you may be able to zoom in as close as 1:10 meters.


Zoom to the Initial Extent - Return to the original extent of the map.


Print Map - Select Print Map to print a copy of the layer.


Layers - Select the Layers button to turn any of your layers off or on.

  1. Click the Basemap button in the lower left corner to select a different basemap style.

Exchange comes with the mapnik openstreetmap by default. Contact your Exchange administrator for additional basemaps.


Layer detail tabs

There are five tabs with information pertaining to the particular layer: Info, Attributes, Ratings, Comments, and GeoGig.

The Info tab is the default display, and contains basic information about the layer, such as the title, who created it, and when it was published.


The Attributes tab displays the layer attribute table. Layer attribute statistics will only display if the value is a numeric attribute, otherwise, no statistics will be calculated.


The Ratings tab displays all ratings given to a layer by other users. Click on a star to rate the layer (one to five stars). Click the Cancel this rating icon to delete your rating.


The Comments tab allows you to see what others are saying about this layer, as well as leave your own comment. Click the Add Comment button to leave a comment about the layer. When you’ve finished, click the Submit Comment button.


The GeoGig tab shows you the history of edits that have been made to the layer, when they were made, and by whom.