Create a Map

Maps can be created multiple ways within Exchange. If you’re starting a new project, you may want to start with a new, blank map. You can also create maps from existing layers and existing maps. The following steps will help you create the map environment you need.

Create a new blank map

  1. Select the Maps link on the Boundless Exchange toolbar.
  2. Click Create Map in the drop-down menu.

A new map environment will open, and you can begin working.

Create a new map from layers

Layers can be used to create maps, and added from either the Explore Layers or Explore Maps section.

  1. Select the Data link on the Boundless Exchange toolbar, and click Layers in the drop-down menu.
  1. Click the Plus icon next to the layer you’d like to add to your map. You can select multiple layers. They will display in your workspace until you are ready to build your map.
  2. Click the Open Workspace in map button to add the layers in the workspace to a new map.

Remove a layer from the workspace by clicking the X button next to its name.

A new map will open with all of the layers displayed, and listed in the map menu.