Add Remote Services

Exchange users are able to nominate external services, while those with administrator permissions, or those belonging to the csw_manager group, can then “publish” the layer so that it is available to all users.

  1. Click the Data link on the Exchange toolbar, and select Remote Services in the drop-down menu to open the Remote Services page.
  1. Click the Register a new Service button to add a new external layer.
  1. Fill in the service information with the URL. Select either Web Map Service or ArcGIS REST as the Service type from the drop-down menu. When you’re finished, click the Submit button.

Note: Ensure all extra spaces have been removed from the URL. The service will not register if there are any trailing spaces.

You will be notified that the service was added successfully.


All of the layers within the service will be listed. Deselect the checkbox next to any layers that you do not wish to import.

  1. Click the Import Resources button when you have made your selections. The service will then be available, and can be discovered through Exchange Search and Explore.

All of the information for the service, including any abstract description, service type and associated keywords, will be listed on the next page. A contact link will be available, so should you have questions, you can reach the individual who added the service to Exchange.


You can view the details page for a resource by clicking on the title of one of the layers.