Styling Layers

Styling a layer highlights different aspects of your data by changing the size, shape or color of the symbols and map elements used to communicate specific attributes about your feature data. Styles can be used throughout an organization to help maintain consistency in data representation through selecting a style format that will maintain symbol size, shape and color. Layer styles can be modified directly from the map, and changes are visible to anyone with access to the layer.

Important: There are a few things to keep in mind when you’re modifying the style for a layer.
  • Once you save the changes to your layer, there is no way to undo the changes.
  • The style changes you make to a layer apply only to that layer. It will not change the style format of any other layers on the map.
  • You are able to individually change the style for multiple layers on a map.
  • Due to the collaborative nature of Exchange, any saved style changes will persist for all other users.

There are two available style formats in Exchange, which can help you visualize relationships between your data and the map.

You will first need to ensure your map is opened with the appropriate layer(s) added and visible.