What’s New in Boundless Exchange

Welcome to the latest update of Boundless Exchange!

This release includes a few new features and numerous bug fixes. The documentation has also undergone some structural changes to make it more intuitive and easier to discover topics.

New Features:

  • Boundless Exchange can now register and consume remote services that are protected with the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) security mechanism
  • An Exchange administrator will now be able to configure base maps that can be used in map viewers

Bug fixes addressed include:

  • Maploom: Bounding Box issue with Remote Services
  • Maploom: Unique style missing Rules
  • Maploom: Remote Services showing up disabled
  • Error loading tiles in the Map Preview for an SLD imported layer
  • ASCII Error when uploading zip file
  • Delete Group page error
  • Incorrect number of users are being displayed
  • Capabilities endpoint fails when using local auth