Monitoring GeoServer with CloudWatch

Amazon CloudWatch is a monitoring service provided for use on Amazon Web Services. GeoServer maintains performance and monitoring information that can be integrated with CloudWatch.

This section will describe how to send those GeoServer performance metrics to CloudWatch.


This tutorial assumes familiarity with Amazon CloudWatch For more information, please see the CloudWatch documentation.


Amazon CloudWatch support isn’t enabled by default, so it must be separately installed.

Installing Amazon CloudWatch support is the same as most Boundless Server Extensions.

Installation instructions are dependent on your operating system and method of install:


The Boundless Server virtual machine has most extensions pre-installed.


Cloudwatch has a number of configuration parameters used to control the extension.

These can be configured in the standard three ways: by setting environment variables, by employing Java command line parameters, or by adding system parameters to the GeoServer web.xml file. (See more on How to add startup parameters for GeoServer.)

The following are the parameters, along with their description:

Variable Description Suggested Value
GS_CW_INTERVAL Interval in milliseconds at which to send metrics 10000
AWS_ACCESS_KEY AWS Access Key Credentials specific to the AWS account. To generate AWS credentials, please see the AWS documentation.
AWS_SECRET_KEY AWS Secret Key Credentials specific to the AWS account. To generate AWS credentials, please see the AWS documentation.
GS_CW_ENABLE_PER_INSTANCE_METRICS Instance-specific metrics. If disabled, GS_CW_AUTOSCALING_GROUP_NAME should be populated. true or false
GS_CW_INSTANCE_ID Overrides the instance identifier Any name, such as testgroup
GS_CW_AUTOSCALING_GROUP_NAME Use if the server is part of an EC2 autoscaling group. Name of the group
GS_CW_JMX JMX metrics true or false
GS_CW_WATCH_WMS Monitors the WMS true or false
GS_CW_WATCH_WFS Monitors the WFS true or false
GS_CW_WATCH_WPS Monitors the WPS true or false
GS_CW_WATCH_WCS10 Monitors the WCS version 1.0 true or false
GS_CW_WATCH_WCS111 Monitors the WCS version 1.1.1 true or false
GS_CW_WATCH_WCS20 Monitors the WCS version 2.0 true or false
GS_CW_WATCH_OWS Monitors the OWS true or false
GS_CW_WATCH_WCS20 Monitors the Catalog service true or false

Each of the enabled OWS watchers will produce three metrics.

  • The number of requests per second.
  • The number of errors per second.
  • The median processing time per request (windowed over approximately five minutes).